Sunday, May 31, 2009

Power Sprint

It was an interesting day. After I set up my transition area, it started to rain. I have a rain plan for triathlons, that includes putting my stuff into 2 1/2 gal Ziploc bags. There was no forecast for rain! Therefore, I was not prepared and the plan was not enacted. The start of the race was delayed by 1/2 hour due to lightening, so I was able to spend some time with the TRIgirls in the TRIgirl tent. I got my good luck body marking by Jonah, who was the cool motorcycle marshall. Then on to my relaxation/meditation in the locker room.

This is my third year doing this race and I was still crazy nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I busted through the Immodium. Ridiculous!

When I exited the locker room to head outside for the swim start, there was my husband and second oldest son. What a great treat. I walked to the swim start with Rich, TG Jackie's husband. The man is smiling every time I've seen him! It always helps to be with a friend.

I got in the pool and after the first one hundred, I decided I had to quit. I know I can do the distance, I'm in a pool! WTF? Then I saw a face in the window and thought is was TG Cyndi, smiling at me. It gave me the strength to keep going. Turns out it really wasn't Cyndi, but that was OK. It was the spirit of Cyndi.

The transition run to the bike felt very long, but the flip-flops helped. T1 felt smooth. I was able to get onto my bike without incident. (Last year, I dropped my chain during my mount) Then off on the ride. It was sunny, the roads were dry. It was a great ride and I felt really good on the bike. I really pushed it the whole way. Played leap frog with one woman, which we laughed about, and then she passed me for the final time...dammit!

The run was fine. I had a calf cramp at the beginning. I've never had that before. I thought about stopping to massage it, but I'm slow to restart. So I decided to breathe oxygen into the cramp. Now, I'm thinking this really cheesey, but damn if it didn't work! I was able to talk and encourage people the whole way. I encountered new TG Jessica during the last half mile. It was her first TRI. It was wonderful, being at the finish line and seeing the delightful finishes of the girls. Especially the ones who just completed their 1st TRI. TG Ronke, who could not run a mile when I met her in February, came running strong across the finish line. I was the first to get a hug from her! I was so proud of her.

OK, I'm really tired now...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monument Ave 10K

The season has officially started. Time to pick a race and follow a schedule. I think I'll do the Power Sprint on May 31. That was my first tri and I do enjoy it. At Masters Thursday night, we did a 300. I had to stop a few times because our lane got clogged up and my time was still 7:54, which is better than I've ever done before during that race.

The first TRIgirl swim is tonight with Karen coaching and I'm excited. Of course, I'm nervous, as well, because I'll be swimming with the girls training for IMUSA, but I have a feeling we won't be in the same lane! ;)

Saturday's race was great! TRIgirls met at the Cathedral steps for some photo ops and just to be together. Of course, I was nervous all morning, but once I made it to the meeting spot, all was well, because I was with my girls! It was freezing while we waited, but there was a lot of chatting and well-wishing! We did the final Porta-Potty stop, checked our bags and I walked with new TG Ronke to her wave at the start. Gave her a hug and a kiss and left her knowing she was going to do great and she did! Fifteen minutes faster than her estimated time!

As I proceeded to my wave, I saw new TG Holly. Gave her a shout out and she was in a slower wave than she should have been. We were supposed to be running in the same wave. It was awesome, we were able to start together. I showed her how to pee through those mesh panties in the TG skirt, right there on Broad St. (I think she may have been a little shocked!) Bless her heart, she was trying to figure out how to get me to a porta-potty and I was already done.

When I signed up for the race, I thought I'd be doing a lot more training than I did, so I signed up for the 58 minute wave. During the pre-run I clocked a 68 minute time, so I was cautious about going out too fast. My first mile was 10:13. I was pleased. That was a good pace for me. The second mile was around 9:40 and after 30 minutes my watch doesn't clock seconds anymore, but every mile I was steady on the 10 minute pace. I tried to negative split after the turn around, but I just didn't have it. The negative split is a skill, I have failed to master.

I had told my family not to come to the race. I hadn't trained I didn't expect to do well, and I just didn't feel like they needed to go through the hassle of coming downtown. But, when walking to the meeting spot, I kept seeing all the children and parents heading to the kids run and I got a little weepy. So, I texted Paul to ask if they could come down. I swear, hoping to see their faces at the finish, kept me going. And as the finish line was in sight...there my wonderful family was on my right side, screaming and waving! I blew them a kiss and finished!

At the finish, now remember we're talking 62 minutes here, nobody was sprinting, the guy just in front of me stops and pukes something yellow. (They were serving blue power ade, so WTF?) I was like "Dude!". And in swoops SusieQ to the rescue. "Keep moving...he'll do it again". She walked me out of the finish area and to the food area. She told me how she got to do that for the Male SECOND PLACE finisher. Of course, she made me feel like every bit the celebrity that guys was! I got to see several other TRIgirls at the after park area. Then off to meet more girls for hot chocolate, and then finishing with a trip to Banditos with ZonaGirl and her man.

What a way to start the season!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting back in the Groove

OK...I must confess. I'm addicted to Facebook. Then 2 days ago, Shelley invited my to join Mafia wars on Facebook. She warned me it was addicting, but I joined anyway! So now, I'm playing that! It has kept me from blogging because I can "instantly" share my feelings. But now, with Spring on the horizon and snow in the air (yea!), it is time to start again!

It is time to start blogging again and time to start training again!

This winter I have had a very difficult time working out alone. I have become dependent on my friends to meet me to workout. I am so glad the TRIgirl group workouts are starting this month! It will make me more accountable, especially when I hear my friends discussing their goals and accomplishments. I have continued to swim guppies through the winter, although I've missed more than I wish due to my husband's travel, (again...that is a group!).

Yesterday, I picked up Lynne to drive to the 6 a.m. run. We did a timed mile. My time was 9:05, which is good for me. The only reason I run is to have time to talk and I met, (and talked to), two new TGs yesterday morning...Holly and Sally. They were interesting to talk to and I look forward to meeting more "new girls" this season. I hate getting up, but I love doing the workout! Then how great to be able to have coffee with some of my favorite girls after the run!

Last night, I swam Masters with more TGs and my husband. I got relaxation tips from Shawn. Her insight was suprising. She told me to relax and think about going farther not faster. She's always so serious about her workouts, that her telling me to relax seemed opposite of what I would think she would advise. Her advice prompted me to lengthen my stroke and I actually breathed better. I always count my lengths with the alphabet when doing longer distances. So each length has a letter...(A=Awesome, get the idea) Well, I changed those words to more relaxing words (B=Beach). It really helped!

Today, is an "off" day, and the last day of spring break for my boys. I think we'll do nothing...which is right up my alley!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Richmond Marathon - 2009

Being a sucker for a bargain...I just signed up to run the Richmond Marathon next year. "Sign up before the end of December and get this special price". That shows great optimism on my part. Not only that I can run 26.2 miles, but that my arthritic toe will hold up.

It's really been hurting lately, as has my knee and hip. I knew the new orthotic would cause other issues, but I didn't anticipate being in this much discomfort. I'm feeling a bit old this last month. I need to "get over it". (A phrase from my mother).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Body Shaping

In the illustrious words of Patty - "It's easy to lose it once you quit using it!" Ain't that the truth. I did weights this morning, and let me tell you...A couple of years ago, I would have snickered at someone like me! I was lifting 8 and 5 lb weights. And shaking in the locker room after! What the hell?!

Just another area to work on...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Richmond Half Marathon

What a weird weather day. All Friday night it poured. I awoke on Saturday morning at 1:30 a.m. to hear thunder. The Saturday forecast was high 61, 90% chance of rain, and windy. When I walked outside in my long sleeved shirt, jacket and gloves, I was surprised to feel how warm it was. Back in for a wardrobe change. Thankfully, Kathryn and Lisa were running late so there was no problem.

We parked at VCU using Lisa's parking pass. What a blessing that was! Only a few blocks walk to the race and there was a real bathroom along the way! We got my bag checked and had only about 15 minutes to wait before the start of the race. We saw Kathleen. Bethany started the race with us.

Kathryn and Bethany took off at the beginning of the race. Kathryn had a goal of finishing in less than 2 hours...and she met that goal! Go Speedy Girl! Lisa and I pace about the same so we decided to run together. Well, that lasted one mile. She left me at the beginning of the second mile.

I swear, I thought my head was going to explode I was so hot! I finally settled in about the 4th mile, but I had to do a lot of walking. I had been very sick the previous week with a cold, and I didn't think I was going to be able to race. So I was grateful to be out there. But Christ, the phlegm choking disgusting!

I had a plan that I had set up with Grandison for pacing. That went to hell. I was just glad to keep moving forward. I timed every mile. And can you believe I was anywhere from a 9 min mile to a 14 min mile. That's what a crappy day I had!

I was very grateful to see Shawn, Shelley, Karen, and Sharon as course marshalls around miles 5 and 6. That was a huge boost. I stopped to give Shawn a sweaty hug and tell her how proud I was of her IronMan accomplishment. Then Stacia and her neighbors partying in the street around mile 9. How fun! And there was a woman and some little kids with orange slices and tiny sips of orange juice. Let me tell you, I don't even like oranges...I ate that slice to the peel. If only I could find that woman to thank her ! That kept me going...that and Hammer Gel.

As I hit mile 10, Grandison and I had planned that I'd give it all I had. Well, at least I was able to run the rest of the way in.

I had told my family to stay home, due to the weather, (which turned out not to be an issue), but I was praying that they would be at the finish line. Alas, they were home, snug and cozy. I think this is the 1st race they've missed.

My time was waaay slower than I hoped. And I'm ok with knowing that it just wasn't my day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Big Butt?!

Why do I keep my 4 year old daughter at home with me?! She is telling me repeatedly that I have a BIG BUTT. Arms spread as wide as they can get in measurement. I told her I should be in exercise class, instead of spending time with her. (That was mature, huh?)

What was that song by Sir Mixalot..."I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny..."

The funny thing is...I have a big tummy and a FLAT butt!!