Sunday, May 31, 2009

Power Sprint

It was an interesting day. After I set up my transition area, it started to rain. I have a rain plan for triathlons, that includes putting my stuff into 2 1/2 gal Ziploc bags. There was no forecast for rain! Therefore, I was not prepared and the plan was not enacted. The start of the race was delayed by 1/2 hour due to lightening, so I was able to spend some time with the TRIgirls in the TRIgirl tent. I got my good luck body marking by Jonah, who was the cool motorcycle marshall. Then on to my relaxation/meditation in the locker room.

This is my third year doing this race and I was still crazy nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I busted through the Immodium. Ridiculous!

When I exited the locker room to head outside for the swim start, there was my husband and second oldest son. What a great treat. I walked to the swim start with Rich, TG Jackie's husband. The man is smiling every time I've seen him! It always helps to be with a friend.

I got in the pool and after the first one hundred, I decided I had to quit. I know I can do the distance, I'm in a pool! WTF? Then I saw a face in the window and thought is was TG Cyndi, smiling at me. It gave me the strength to keep going. Turns out it really wasn't Cyndi, but that was OK. It was the spirit of Cyndi.

The transition run to the bike felt very long, but the flip-flops helped. T1 felt smooth. I was able to get onto my bike without incident. (Last year, I dropped my chain during my mount) Then off on the ride. It was sunny, the roads were dry. It was a great ride and I felt really good on the bike. I really pushed it the whole way. Played leap frog with one woman, which we laughed about, and then she passed me for the final time...dammit!

The run was fine. I had a calf cramp at the beginning. I've never had that before. I thought about stopping to massage it, but I'm slow to restart. So I decided to breathe oxygen into the cramp. Now, I'm thinking this really cheesey, but damn if it didn't work! I was able to talk and encourage people the whole way. I encountered new TG Jessica during the last half mile. It was her first TRI. It was wonderful, being at the finish line and seeing the delightful finishes of the girls. Especially the ones who just completed their 1st TRI. TG Ronke, who could not run a mile when I met her in February, came running strong across the finish line. I was the first to get a hug from her! I was so proud of her.

OK, I'm really tired now...


Kate said...

Great race Debbie Jo!!!

SusieQ said...

Way to go :) And - I love how you keep on truckin'

Ceeej said...

You looked great every time we saw you! Great race!

Mandie said...

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